Planning a Fun Father's Day Picnic


Enjoy a lovely day in great company when you plan a fun Father's Day picnic for either the whole family or just time alone with your dad. Looking for a fun way to celebrate Father’s Day this year that your Dad or the father of your little ones will adore? Why not plan a delightful Father’s Day picnic? Pack up that cooler, bring some picnic accessories like our Herringbone Picnic Blanket, Portable Folding Picnic Table and Diamond Jacquard Picnic Blanket then head out to a local park to have a beautiful day in the sun celebrating the special Dad in your life.


Why Plan a Father’s Day Picnic?

Picnics are the perfect way to spend and celebrate Father’s Day for a variety of reasons.

Father's Day comes at the perfect time of year for getting outdoors and moving. With spring in the air, the weather should be perfect for getting some sun and some fresh air. Spending time out in nature is good for the body and soul; it encourages physical activity, gives us our necessary dose of Vitamin D, and increases those feel-good sensations.

These days, most people don’t spend nearly enough time outside, with the majority of us spending our waking hours in an office or inside our homes. With advances in technology, many of us spend way too much time indoors in front of a screen. Even kids are feeling the effects, as technology takes precedence in fighting boredom, meaning that most kids spend less than two hours less each week on outdoor activities (a stark contrast from our glory days of childhood). Moving the celebration away from the house will help keep some of those distractions away so that you can move your focus towards spending time with the people who mean the most to you.

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The Best Locations for a Picnic

When planning your Father’s Day picnic, be sure to scope out the perfect location.

Parks are a great place for having a picnic. They often have picnic tables and playgrounds or other activities like tennis courts or volleyball nets. If you’re planning on renting out tables at a local park, be sure to reserve it far in advance; it’s likely quite a few families are also looking to take advantage of the gorgeous sunshine that's usually out this time of year.

Beaches or campgrounds are also great places to plan your family day. If you're lucky enough to have a nice lake nearby, you could maybe rent out a boat for skiing, rafting, or even fishing.

If you don’t have a local park, consider revamping your very own backyard for the occasion! Set out blankets and the like, hang up streamers, and treat your lawn as your very own personal park. You could even hang up a large white sheet and project a movie on it as night time falls. That would be the perfect ending to a fun day.


The Picnic Food

Dads are usually pretty easy to please when it comes to food, but since this is a day dedicated to him, make sure you prepare all of his favourites —at least the ones that can be easily transported to the picnic location.

A barbecue grill filled with a variety of meats and veggies, in front of a family picnic

If the kids are old enough, you can make it a family affair by assigning a dish to each family member. Don’t forget the drinks!

Some parks will have barbecue grills for using or will allow you to set up your own in designated areas. Check out the regulations for your chosen destination to see if you can have fun grilling up your meal together right at your picnic destination. (Get there early or reserve a grill if you will need one for preparing your lunch. You don't want to end up with only raw food for lunch!)

If you want to simplify the day’s planning, you can always have food delivered right to you at the park; after all, it’s truly the thought that counts. Dad will love chowing down on a meal that his family worked together to create, or, at least, plan.


The Entertainment

While eating your picnic fare is, of course, the main event, make sure you take along some fun entertainment sources for your hours spent lounging in the sun.

Since you’ll be outdoors, take a look at some fun backyard games you can take along with you. You can always go old school with croquet, horseshoe sets, or bocce ball. Other portable ideas are badminton, frisbees, soccer or volleyball. A consistent family favourite that’s perfect for all ages is corn hole. These days you can find portable cornhole games for bringing with you anywhere.


Father’s Day Picnic Ideas

Father’s Day Presents

While the picnic in itself is a wonderful present to dear ol’ Dad, the day can be even more special if you give your father a homemade gift.

If you’re trying to come up with a unique way to spend your Father’s Day, consider planning a picture-perfect picnic that the whole family can enjoy. After all, spending time with his kids is what every dad truly wants on Father’s Day, and this is the perfect way to do so without the rest of life’s distractions getting in the way. A technology-free day is the way to go, so leave those cell phones and iPads at home.