7 Reasons to Hang a Hammock Chair in Kid’s Room


Few things can match the soothing embrace of a hammock chair. Lulling us to relaxation and taking our cares away, its therapeutic effects are instantly felt. A hammock chair is not just for adults, though; it’s perfect for kids too. In fact, it’s one of the best items of furniture to have in a kid’s room and here’s why.

1. Yes to the reading habit

The reading habit is on the wane. With distractions all around, kids find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time, which is what reading demands. This is where a hammock chair can help! By inviting kids to curl up and swing to a gentle rhythm, they can concentrate better and longer.

2. Hello, old friend

Place a hammock chair in a child’s room from a young age and watch it become their steady companion over the years. The comfort and timelessness of a hammock chair are irreplaceable. Many room renovations and furniture replacements later and it will still remain a cherished item.

3. No more nightmarish ‘voids’

Heavy furniture is not just tough to move when cleaning; it hides nasty dust bunnies, stray foodstuff, toy parts, and worst of all, dirt and grime. A hammock chair gives none of that grief. It lets you vacuum with ease to keep the room clean and tidy.

4. From sensory overload to sensory integration

For many kids, processing all the senses comes naturally but for children with autism and sensory problems, it’s a challenge. The sensory overload can make them feel out of balance. A hammock chair, with its soothing and calming action, encourages sensory integration and keeps them from feeling overstimulated.

5. A security blanket – hammock style

hammock chair is like a cocoon, cradling kids in a big, loving hug. This feeling of safety is like that of a security blanket, except that a hammock chair is more comfortable, swings, and does all of the things we’ve mentioned above – and much more!

6. The perfect baby settler

That cocoon-like embrace that a hammock chair creates is great for settling babies as it mimics the comfort of a womb. Komorebi’s hammock chair are large enough for parent and child, making them the perfect solution for rocking your child to sleep.

7. Firing up the imagination

Kids are filled with creativity and imagination and can turn just about anything into something fantastical. Imagine what they could do with a hammock chair! With one in their room, they can use it to give flight to their fancies and make playtime unforgettable.

8. The ideal mood-booster

Have you seen anybody get off a hammock chair in a bad mood? No! The swinging of a hammock chair is just too fun to ignore. It can boost the mood in seconds while its calming effect induces relaxation and quickly brings the mind into focus, chasing away stress and crankiness. Place one in your child’s room and see how they love it.

9. A workout without working out!

There’s a surprising benefit to hanging a hammock chair in your child’s room: it stabilizes the core and strengthens the legs. Each time they use it, they inadvertently enhance motor control stability even if they’re not swinging. Since a hammock chair is never completely still, it compels them to balance themselves and this is when the magic happens.

Komorebi’s hammock chairs are perfect for kids. Large and roomy, they can carry as much as 150 kg, so your kids can pile in and have the time of their lives. Safe and comfortable, they’re a great addition to every child’s room.