Komorebi 12 Reasons You NEED a Hammock Chair


If there’s one unique piece of furniture that’s an instant attention-grabber, it’s an indoor hammock chair. Luxurious, relaxing, and oh-so-comfortable, it invites you to sit and unwind after a long day. An indoor hammock chair is the perfect way to add an element of free-spiritedness into your home too and is something that everyone – kids, adults and even pets – will enjoy using.


1. It brings a fun vibe to any room

Finding the right balance between elegance and fun can be tricky because they’re polar opposites. You don’t want your living space to look childish yet you want to take some of the edge off the formal feel. A hammock chair is the perfect middle ground. It can be elegant or boho-chic, sophisticated or quirky – it all depends on your taste!


2. It’s suits all spaces

Have limited living space? Not to worry; a hammock chair is one of those rare gems that can be installed almost anymore, whether it’s your porch, bedroom, playroom, or yard. It’s incredibly versatile, making it a time-tested favorite.


3. It’s so portable

Forget trying to move around heavy, bulky furniture when vacuuming or rearranging your living space. With a hammock chair, you can sit anywhere you please without pulling a muscle. Just attach it to a stand and take it wherever you want to, whether you plan to read, eat, hang out with friends, or chill to a movie.


4. It makes you more active

Sitting in a hammock chair isn’t the same as going to the gym, of course, but it does keep your body more active. The swinging motion encourages you to engage your core, enhance your flexibility, and improve your balance.


5. It’s ideal for children with special needs

Children with special needs, including those with autism, can be easily overwhelmed by sensory information. A hammock chair, with its gentle swinging, can be very soothing. In fact, autistic children who crave vestibular input can find a hammock chair helps them process sensory information better.


6. It’s great for neck and back pain

Sitting on a rigid chair for long hours is exactly what your body does not need! But unlike a stiff chair, a hammock chair is flexible and reduces the pressure on the spine and joints, which in turn, reduces inflammation and pain.


7. It boosts focus

It can be tough to concentrate when there are 101 things going through your mind, not to mention, external distractions. If you find yourself distracted when trying to work on something, a hammock chair could be just what you need. The gentle swinging keeps your mind engaged, which can improve your focus.


8. It helps you relax

hammock chair conforms to your body instead of forcing it to adjust to its shape. This relieves pressure on your muscles and joints, helping you to fully relax. Just the thing to beat aches and pains and reduce mental stress.


9. It’s perfect for meditation

Anyone who has tried meditation will tell you that’s tough to stay still and quiet the mind. The constant distractions and fidgeting can be frustrating and compel you to give up. With a hammock chair, meditation becomes a lot easier to get into because it does such a great job of relaxing you. That, combined with the comfort, can quickly send you into zen mode.


10. It’s the best gift!

Wondering what to get someone – or yourself – for a birthday, a housewarming, graduation or any other special occasion? Go for a hammock chair. It meets all the requirements of a great gift. It’s thoughtful, useful, stylish and comfortable – what more can anyone ask for?


11. It’s affordable

Besides being super versatile, stylish, calming and everything else that we’ve mentioned, a hammock chair is easy on the pocket too. It’s a smart investment especially if you’re looking for a piece of furniture that doesn’t skimp on quality but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.


12. It’s easy to install

No need to hire a contractor to set up a hammock chair; you can do it all on your own. For outdoor installation, all you need is a joist, a hammock chair stand, or even a tree limb. If you’re installing it indoors, a ceiling joist or a chair stand is sufficient.

hammock chair ticks all the boxes that make up the perfect piece of furniture. Brighten your days and your mood with a chic yet affordable hammock chair and see the change it brings to your life and that of your loves ones.


Relaxation begins with you!

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